What is FemiWiki?

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Welcome to FemiWiki!

FemiWiki is a wiki site where anyone can create and edit documents. We launched as a community effort to counter prevalent mysogynistic, male-centered sources of Korean language information online that was also lacking in inclusivity towards most categories of minorities.

Assuming that the multi-author nature of a Wiki project ensures its objectivity is a logical fallacy that many fall into. Given that there are prevalent structural biases, hate and discrimination in society, just having more editors does not solve biased editorialization, as is seen in Wikipedia's example - instead, it reinforces the oppressive narratives of the majority.

FemiWiki strives towards a perspective that embraces a feminist perspective and the viewpoints of the minority, as a counter to how tilted the society is. In keeping with this principle, we oppose:

  • a mechanical approach to "neutrality" that reinforces existing narratives of bias
  • all forms of hate speech towards any types of social minorities

FemiWiki's end goal is to become the premier source of information in the Korean speaking internet, and also an information hub of feminism and the feminist movement. We seek to be a space of information that challenges head on hate and discrimination.

As of Monday, February 26 of 2024, we are joined by 5,913 users, and have created 20,855 documents. Join FemiWiki today!