FemiWiki:Active users

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This page is a translated version of the page 페미위키:활동적인 사용자 and the translation is 100% complete.

To gamify user participation, we operate a 30-day ranking of users based on frequency of edit contributions. Exponential smoothing was applied to the score to place a higher emphasis on more recent activity.

Rank User
1 사회인권
2 초설
3 Larodi
4 Fluidfromlog
5 문문
6 사샤나즈
7 수동문
8 AtomandEnvil
9 Hyunjung
10 단마
11 Jwjjang9
12 교정교열머신
13 Pleasesica
14 Whitetiger
15 조선인

Do you see ineligible user?

If you see the inappropriate username, or otherwise counted for inappropriate activity, please submit sanction proposal. Any user under active sanction proposals is not counted towards active users. If they are already under an active sanction proposal but require an escalation, you can contact administrators to convert the proposal to emergency procedure or contact individual administrators.