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Femiwiki (페미위키) is a South Korean wiki website created in 2016. It was launched in response to criticisms from the progressive feminist sector that dominant sources of online crowdsourced information, specifically the casual language wiki giant Namuwiki, had turned increasingly antifeminist and lenient on sexually violent language towards women in its content over the years. [1][2] Femiwiki purposefully strives for a non-mechanical, feminist oriented perspective in its editorial direction, with a focus on sexual violence and sexual crimes, feminist theory and critique, and feminist movements around the world.[3][4]

Femiwiki is run by an all-volunteer team of developers and moderators; the website operates on MediaWiki and is hosted on an Amazon EC2 server.[5]


Wiki ♥ Feminism Editathon in Gangnam

Femiwiki has organized six in-person edit-a-thon events and other events across Seoul, Korea to encourage community participation.

The events took place on January 6, 2017 with six people at a room in the Korea National University of Arts, March 25 with 20 people at Cafe Doing in Gangnam in partnership with the Wikimedia User Group and non-profit organization Wikimedians of Korea[6], a couple hundred people on May 13 at the Femeet Feminist Festival in Mapo.

Femiwiki also organized a Forum and edit-a-thon on April 29 at the Word and Bow Academy in Mapo, where four panelists presented on the "gender equalism" exposé, the role of feminist wiki editing and the boundaries of public and private in archiving practices.

Dismantling "gender equalism"

In August 2016, Femiwiki and its users took a lead role in identifying and dismantling false propaganda originating from surreptitious edits in the NamuWiki website that claimed that "there is a new strand of moderate feminism spreading in the Western world called 'gender equalism' which does not pursue a radical feminist agenda leading to reverse discrimination against men, but rather solely to correct the imbalance between men and women", and proceeded to tell the so-called radical feminists in Korea to adopt this so-called latest trend.[7][8]


As of May 28, 2018, Femiwiki has raised KR₩2,947,694 (US$2,744) from 295 individual donors and funding rounds, through individual donations, and product fundraising.[9] It releases itemized expense and income sheets through a public document.[10]


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