Monster Busters

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Monster Busters is a mobile puzzle game released for Android and iOS.


The game's basic playstyle consists of moving colored pieces, "monsters", one square at a time in a 9x9 board space to put 3 pieces in a row, which makes them disappear and their space gets filled up with more pieces - a genre of puzzle games commonly known as match-3.


These rules apply when moving a piece:

Moving the grey piece one position down forms a 3-piece match. (Noted in grey)

The player can tap on a piece and drag it to an square next to it to move it. Each move counts as one turn. A piece can only be moved in one of the four horizontal or vertical spots - no diagonal moves or moves further away than one square is allowed.

When the piece is moved, it swaps locations with the other piece that was there before.

The circled purple piece cannot move two spots into the location shown with the arrow.

A piece can only be moved when it creates a 3-piece row in its new position. It cannot be moved into a square where it will not match with 2 other preexisting pieces. The player cannot move the same piece two squares, one square at a time, with the goal of creating the 3-piece at the end of its "journey".

Pieces can be matched to form a 3-piece row, 4-piece row or 5-piece row. 4 and 5-piece rows leave behind a bonus piece with special properties. 6-piece rows cannot be formed, as the formation of a 6-piece row would mean that a 3-piece existed beforehand. Once a 3-piece row is formed, automatically reacts and consumes itself - it cannot be "saved" for later. Often the player moves a piece with the intent of forming one 3-match, but they end up unwittingly creating another 3-match elsewhere at the same time.

Once a 3-piece match is created