Nonprofit bulk mail

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In the United States, nonprofit organizations are able to save significantly in mailing costs if properly planned in advance, using a category of mail called nonprofit bulk mail.

The largest in-house bulk mail project we handled consisted of 25,000 self-mailer pieces that we put together with the help of 30 volunteers over a week.

Nonprofit bulk mail is not a postage discount for single letter mailing - it only applies when mail is sent in bulk - 250 or more pieces of mail per geographic unit as defined by the United States Postal Service.

The below document is a work in progress that describes nonprofit bulk mail. Smaller scale organizations may try to produce nonprofit bulk mail in-house - which requires meeting a wide range of regulations established by the USPS - dimensions and design of mail piece, packaging and sorting of mailpieces, delivery and payment standards. The organization that initially developed this documentation now relies on mailing vendor companies to handle and comply with regulations.

Nonprofut Bulk Mail License information


Mailer ID: 901023662

$225 annual permit

To confirm status: 323-586-7420 Bulk Mail

  1. Accounts, Balances, Seeds
  2. Permit, Bulk Mail Classes for Nonprofit
  3. Periodical Stuff
  4. Bulk Mail Technician
  5. Supervisor



Tray Tags

Vendors: Whittier Mailing Products

  • (888) 872-9824 ext. 220; (562) 464-3007 - Fax
  • 13019 Park Street, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670-4005
  • 8am-4pm
  • 1" white paper tab; $4.15 per 5,000
  • Paper tab with perforation semi-clear tab; 15/16" $6.00 per 5,000

TTS Products

  • 2822 E. Olympic Blvd. , Los Angeles CA, 90023
  • Monday-Friday 8:00-4:30 pm including lunch breaks
  • $69.99+tax Postal Strapping Kit: 3,000' of strap, 500 buckles, self tensioner (apparently always on stock)
  • $39.99+tax 500 buckles
  • 323-268-1347


Kelly Paper


Bulk mailing goes faster when people split up tasks



AADC Label

Shots of large number of trays

Documentation requirements (sorting criteria, etc)


Santa Ana

3101 W Sunflower Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92799

  • Phone : (714) 662-6447
  • Fax : (714) 966-2004

Grove Office

  • Will close in late November 2013. (Nov 29?)

Can only get the "None" entry type discounts. The DSCF (about $0.07 lower per piece) rates are only available at the Central Office

Bicentennial Office 7610 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles Ca 90048-9998 (By the Grove Mall)

  • (323)933-1839
  • Fax: 323-933-1810

Bulk mail operations are at the docks in the southern parking lot.

Hours: (checked 8/27/2013)

  • 10am-4pm T (Lunch 1-2pm)
  • 10am-12:30pm W, R, F

Central Office

Delivery Center sample shots

Minimum 150 per ADC area


Large: 450-1000 Small: 200-450

Entering premises
  • Saturday 10am-2pm
  • Weekday 10am-6pm
Cart placing inside USPS

Business Reply Mail

KRC Permit Number: 1000 (BRM Permit for Fees) and 1001 (for balance) Customer Name: Korean Resource Center Rimpau Station, LA CA 900181067


Rimpau says our permit disappeared, they say call 323-586-2605

Rimpau Station phone number:(323) 735-2094

BRM person: Jackie Hannah(sp?) 323-586-3857

USPS Training: 323-586-2605

4040 West Washington Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90018 (USPS Rimpau)


Rimpau Station Rimpau Business Reply Clerk 323-735-8025 Fax: 323-731-8178 8:30am-5:30am 4040 W Washington Blvd, LA CA 90018


Barcode ID: 00

Letter-size mail, with or without a printed OEL, may contain “00”.

Special Services: 708 (BRM w/o confirm. From Guide to Intelligent Mail, Letters and Flats p.24)

Mailer ID: 901023662

Serial Number: 000001 (can be any number)

Routing Code: 900191937 (9-digit)


Ask Questions: 900 Area

United States Postal Service

7001 S CENTRAL AVE RM 210, LOS ANGELES CA 90052-9614
Fax Number: 323-586-3702

Mailing Requirements


Brenda Coronado (Specialist)

Phone Number: 323-586-7421

Catalina Manalastas (Mailpiece Design Analyst)

Phone Number: 323-586-3748
Email Address:

Supervisor Debbie Washington

Direct: 323-586-3638

Copied from Centennial Office

  • Information: 800-275-8777
  • Business Center: 323-586-1843
  • National Customer Support: 800-238-3150
  • Pass (Carrier Route) Info: 800-238-3150
  • Pick Up Service: 800-221-1811
  • Mail Piece Design Analyst: 323-586-3748
  • Business Reply: 323-586-2634/2636
  • Bulk Mail Class (by appt ea Tue/Wed) 323-586-2636


Please note that the below references provided by KRC may be outdated, as they were last revised in 2015.

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