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OBS(Open Broadcaster Software) is a free open source internet live streaming program.

Scenario-specific tricks

How to stream simultaneously to multiple platforms

You can't do this if you are a Twitch affiliate or partner, but if you are a Twitch streamer with no contract, you can do this. To stream to multiple platforms (for example, YouTube), one way would be to have multiple computers, each streaming to one platform, but instead of such an overkill setup, you can also setup a RMTP server that forwards the stream. An RMTP server is very light on the computer load, and you can install it on a spare computer, a Raspberry Pi, or even linux running on a Virtual machine on the same computer that is doing the streaming. This instruction document shows how to do this.

How to implement manually typed translation captions

When a streamer is targeting an audience made up multiple languages, as long as you have someone who is willing to translate live by typing, it is possible to configure OBS to display this typed translation on the feed even with the translator not physically present with the streamer. This is how it can be done:

Generate a Twitch account, just for captions: we will be using IRC to transmit the captions, and since there is a wider array of solutions that wrap up Twitch's chat feed (which is an IRC chat) to make it more presentable, we'll stick to Twitch. Make sure to not reveal the channel name.

Unlock automod control on the channel: You don't want autmod to be messing with your fast paced captions.

Generate a NightDev KapChat code: this step is optional if you plan to use the below code as-is.

Add a Browser Source to OBS: Add the below as a Browser Source, and adjust size to Width: 500, Height: 125

https://www.nightdev.com/hosted/obschat/?theme=s0n0s_1080&channel=(name of channel)&fade=30&bot_activity=false&prevent_clipping=false

Hide channel name: Add crop Top: 70 pixel to hide the top two lines. These two lines will display the channel name at the beginning of the stream, or after re-enabling the captions

Custom CSS and size adjustment: drag the browser source to make it a bit bigger, and apply the below custom CSS to hide IRC elements such as nickname and icon and only show the chat content

.moderator-1, .moderator-2, .moderator-3, .moderator-4, .nick, .colon, .premium-1, .premium-2, .premium-3, .premium-4, .premium-5, .broadcaster-1 { display:none; }

Give mod access to the caption channel to translator(s): This allows them to chat in the channel at a fast pace.

OBS also has a built-in functionality to add English captions for the hearing disabled, but this does not meet the needs of this tip.