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Yoon tried to raise support for his school in the immigrant community. “Our school will teach young Korean immigrants their heritage. They will learn to live as proud Koreans in America. We are volunteer teachers who hope to raise awareness of Korean history and culture. Your help would be greatly appreciated.”

Initially, the Korean American communities were enthusiastic about Yoon’s school. However, as strange rumors were perpetrated to sabotage the school, the sentiment changed.

Yoon is an agent, planted by the South Korean government. He’s secretly trying to destroy the Korean immigrant movement for Korea’s democracy and unification.

Yoon supposedly got here on a cargo ship, but nobody saw him get off that ship. How could he have passed customs without the protection of authorities? It’s impossible!

It looks like he really did fight for democracy in Korea. But maybe he was tortured into changing his mind.

The source of these malicious rumors was the Korean consulate. As part of the Korean government’s scheme to isolate Yoon, the consulate slandered him and spread suspicion among local immigrants. Their scheme was effective – Yoon denied these accusations, but he had no standing in the immigrant community. He was unable to stop the rumors, even the most preposterous of them.

Yoon is a spy, dispatched from North Korea.

A portrait of Kim Il-seong is hung in the school. And I’ve heard they fly the flag of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

I’ve heard that people sometimes just evaporate in that school. Gone, into thin air!