YKU 1990s

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1 1990

  • Young Koreans United of Canada formed KRC YKU 8-2.jpg
  • Young Koreans United of Australia formed
  • The film, "The Night Before Strike" tours the U.S.
  • Support and fundraising for "Pico Korea” workers who visit the U.S. National Teachers Union of Korea members tour North America
  • YKU holds conference for Peace and Self Determined Unification  Two week hunger strike and diplomatic advocacy upon the separate induction of the two Koreas into the U.N.
  • Young Koreans United International formed

2 1991

  • Young Koreans United of Europe formed
  • The film "Mother, it's your Son" screens in the U.S.
  • Korean American Community Center of Philadelphia is founded Rallies in front of the U.N. in support of a peace treaty and unification that is peaceful and self determined
  • “Sound of Liberation" tours Europe and Australia
  • Support and fundraising efforts for "Pico Korea” workers KRC YKU 6-23.jpg

3 1992

  • The Korean Canadian Resource Center in Toronto is founded
  • The film "Opening the School's Gates" screens in the U.S.
  • Campaign to Abolish the National Security Law (NSL) KRC YKU 인권존중을 위하여.jpg
  • Conference to Strengthen the Overseas Movement
  • Symposium on the future of the 2nd generation movement KRC YKU 92대회new.jpg
  • Protests against NSL and to support political prisoners
  • In support of political prisoners, "Faceless Heroes" is screened

4 1993

  • Ahn Chi-Whan’s North American tour of “Forever Pine Tree"
  • Telegram campaign for the withdrawal of U.S. Troops in Korea
  • “HanNuRi,” Korean American Cultural Troupe is formed in L.A.
  • Washington Post ad campaign for peace and a nuclear free Korea
  • Participation in the World Human Rights Caucus in Vienna
  • “Madang” featuring Korean Japanese cultural troupe tour
  • March for Peace and Justice in Washington, D.C.
  • Support for Korean political prisoners during the harsh winter

5 1994

  • ToBakYi tours North America to mark the 5.18 Uprising
  • Rally for peace in Korea organized in front of the U.N.
  • Protest against the U.S. visit of Emperor Akahito of Japan
  • Conference on the development of the overseas movement Celebration of the 10th anniversary of YKU of U.S.A.
  • NAKASEC is established in Los Angeles NAKASEC 9408나카섹결성.jpg
  • Campaign against Proposition 187 in California

6 1995

  • Forum series on the impact of U.S. military bases in Korea
  • Park Moon Ok and Oh Chang Kyu tour to mark the 5.18 Uprising
  • "Justice for Immigrants" Washington Post Ad Campaign launched
  • Candlelight vigil for a full investigation on the 5.18 massacre
  • Signature campaign supporting legislation on 5.18 Uprising
  • Series of letter writing and fax sending drives to oppose welfare reform in Congress and later to urge President Clinton to veto it

7 1996

  • Conference on the growth and future of the overseas movement KRC YKU 14-2 96 대회.jpg
  • North Korea Food Aid: North American campaign launched and coordinating commitee formed
  • Support of NAKASEC's civic participation campaign activities

8 1997

  • National Telegram Campaign to Restore Immigrant Benefits
  • Support for construction of boundaries surrounding 5.18 cemetery
  • Support million signature drive to assist the people of North Korea

9 1998

  • "United and Marching Firm Ahead" YKU international conference
  • Support NAKASEC's civic participation campaign activities

10 1999

  • Signature campaign for reformation of the National Security Law
  • Ad campaign by international human rights and peace groups
  • Protest against the awarding of the Medal of Freedom to president Kim Dae Jung and to abolish the National Security Law
  • Support for "Fix '96" national lobby day in Washington D.C.
  • Participation in the Seattle WTO protests and support for the "People's Action Committee Against the New Round of Talks"