YKU 2000s

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  • Feed the Children in North Korea Campaign launched
  • March for peace during the Democratic National Convention YKU international conference focusing on Korea and the U.S. Campaign to revise SOFA (Status of Forces Agreement) Candlelight vigil against SOFA during 9th round of talks in D.C. Joint letter against SOFA and MaeHyangRi bombing site sent
  • YKU Overseas Conference
  • "Quest for Justice," exhibit by former comfort women tours North America and protests for former comfort women
  • North American speaking tour of Kim Dong Sim of the Campaign to End Crimes of U.S. Troops in Korea on U.S.-Korea relations


  • Protests in solidarity with hunger strike for human rights in Korea
  • Ads in major cities against president Kim Dae Jung’s human rights record during his official visit to the U.S.
  • “Textbook controversy” protests at Japanese consulates in 4 cities
  • Commemoration of the 5.18 Uprising in five U.S. regions
  • “For Peace in the Korean Peninsula, Peace in MaeHyangRi and Vieques” events and activities
  • Joint letter by 300 organizations opposing State Department’s opposition to historic comfort women lawsuit delivered Kim Soon-Duk halmoni during rally in front of U.S. State Department
  • Kim Soon-Duk halmoni speaks for House resolution on redress
  • North Korea Food Aid and Feed the Hungry Children campaigns reaches $300,000 fundraising mark
  • Activities highlighting need for redress for former comfort women at the 50th anniversary of the San Francisco Peace Treaty
  • Participation in protests in major cities against U.S. invasion of Afghanistan and for civil liberties protections for all
  • Presentation on Comfort Women for the Asian American Union at Brown University


  • Briefings to Korean media following meeting with U.N.'s World Food Programme's Asia Director on the North Korea food crisis
  • Protests and letter to president Kim Dae Jung calling for delivery of rice to North Korea towards future peace and reconciliation
  • YKU and KAPJ organizes "Towards the Building of a Progressive Peace Movement” international conference in New York which includes Peace March at Union Square and a symposium
  • Participation in the national protests against the war in Iraq, organized by "Not In Our Name" (New York, Chicago, Seattle)


  • YKU holds weekly protests against the U.S. invasion and war in Iraq every Saturday in Koreatown, Los Angeles for one year
  • Campaign for a U.S. House resolution to normalize relations between North Korea and the U.S. includes 45 legislative visits to members of Congress and 9,000 letters sent nationally
  • Korea Peace Network Jung Woo-Shik conducts a 4-city speaking tour on prospects for peace in the Korean peninsula


  • Participation in protests on the 1st anniversary of the Iraq War
  • Participation in protests one year after Bush's victory declaration
  • Ten day outreach to help the Ryong-chun explosion train victims. $4,000 is sent to the World Food Programme of the U.N.
  • YKU marks its 20th anniversary with "Towards Peace in Korea and the Political Empowerment of Korean Americans" conference March in front of the Republican National Convention for “Peace from Korea to Iraq" and "Immigrant Rights are Human Rights"


  • YKU commemorates the 5.18 Uprising with Bruce Cumings on U.S.'s War on Terror and its Policy towards North Korea


  • Participation in international day of action calling for a resolution on redress for comfort women on the 60th anniversary of WWII
  • Support for Kim Koon-Ja halmoni’s testimony at a Congressional hearing on comfort women redress. Call-in days held for H.R. 121
  • March and protests on the 3rd anniversary of the Iraq War


  • Young Koreans United dissolves officially on April 5, 2008
  • Korean Alliance for Peace and Justice undergoes reorganization
  • May 18th 25th Anniversary Symposium The Movement of People: building a new agenda from Asia to the U.S.